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Air Conditioning Installations

We at T & S Air Designs are dedicated to providing many AC options and solutions to your air conditioning needs. Save on your AC installation with Energy Saving Systems! Call to schedule a Free Estimate on any New air conditioning replacement installations.

A quality air conditioning installation is the key to the longevity of your equipment. We are a Family Owned & Operated business with the Family Budget in mind. We can help you SAVE!

WE ARE THE EXPERTS with Exceptional Warranties. Still not sure whether to repair or replace? See our video below.

Repair or Replace?

You just can't beat the quality of service, low price, and great equipment that T & S Air provides. They have replaced several A/C units for me over the years. In all cases I have been delighted with the end product. I am proud to be able to give my recommendation for this company. If you need anything in the A/C arena, just call Scott or Tina. You will not be disappointed. Great work from a great family for a great price.

Review by
Dave P.
Lake Mary, FL